Excelerate selected to supply Ambulance HART with next generation Incident Ground Technology

David Savage, CEO, Excelerate.

David Savage, Chairman & CEO of Excelerate Technology.

Excelerate Technology, the leading provider of data, video, voice and Internet via satellite and wireless solutions has been selected as supplier to the national Ambulance HART (Hazardous Area Response Teams) Incident Ground Technology (IGT) framework, following a comprehensive tendering process encompassing live field trials and evaluation.

As supplier to the current national HART programme, Excelerate now moves forward to deliver the new programme using technologies at the forefront of today’s communications requirements.

Following a process of user appraisal and feedback on the solution currently in place, the procurement team identified the need for the next generation solution to provide a deployable communications network at the incident ground that operates independently of a vehicle. With the diverse work of HART teams, including for example, Inland Water Operations (IWO), personnel are required to operate in high-risk areas of flooding and fast flowing water making vehicle access difficult if not impossible. With this and other challenges and communications requirements in mind, the project takes a significant new direction from the current solution, which is a vehicle centric capability.

Excelerate’s fully integrated, next generation solution designed and developed by the company’s in-house R&D team delivers a secure and privately managed communications network that can be quickly and easily deployed across all HART operational areas and scenarios. It meets the framework’s requirements for robust and reliable incident communications, packaged into a portable solution for rapid deployment.

On signing the new three year contract today, a delighted David Savage, Chairman & CEO of Excelerate Technology, said, “As the mandatory sole supplier, we are now looking forward to continuing to work with the HART teams to give them the very best resilient communications capability to manage incidents and keep staff safe while providing enhanced public protection and patient care.

“It’s true to say that we pioneered the previous incident communications solution for HART, which met defined requirements at that time. Now, even in a much more competitive market, Excelerate remains at the forefront as the technology provider of choice, designing and delivering truly fit for purpose, best value solutions for our emergency services customers.”