200 new ambulance vehicles for London

cxymli2xcaauf_qTwo hundred new ambulance vehicles are set to hit London’s streets with potential for a further 60 to be approved next year.

London Ambulance Service will introduce 140 new Mercedes ambulances from March 2017, after a business case was approved by NHS Improvement. A prototype for the vehicles is currently being built. In addition to this, 60 new Volkswagen Tiguan fast response cars are currently being rolled out across London Ambulance Service.

Deputy Director for Fleet and Logistics, Justin Wand, said, “We are investing heavily in replacing our emergency vehicles and the 60 new fast response cars have already been well received by our staff. Our new ambulances will offer greater reliability, improved comfort for our patients, new technology and a more environmentally friendly engine.”

Some of the 200 new vehicles will bolster the existing fleet while others will replace older models which will be phased out.

A business case for a further 60 Volkswagen Tiguan fast response cars is due to be considered, with possible delivery in the next financial year.