Transform consumer-grade phones and tablets into ruggedised devices with IntelliSkin

6 IntelliskinCustom designed for the latest Apple iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, tablets and the Microsoft Surface, the IntelliSkin from RAM Mount transforms consumer-grade phones and tablets into affordable, fully rugged devices.

With a built-in GDS (Global Docking System) contact connector in every skin, the IntelliSkin eradicates the need for clutter-causing cables by allowing multiple devices to share the same GDS Dock for fast, no nonsense charging, data transfer and screen mirroring. This innovative grab-and-go system allows devices to be used repetitively in busy working environments without fear of damaging delicate charging ports and cables.

With a prolific range of docks and accessories to choose from to satisfy any requirement, the desktop, wall-mounted and multi-gang docking stations enable devices to be transferred from home to the office, warehouse and in-vehicle seamlessly with the addition of RAM Mounts.

With the IntelliSkin, GDS docking systems and RAM Mounts, users are able to not only simplify their workspaces and dashboards but also expand the functionality of their devices to enhance their overall user experience like never before.