A modern approach to pre-hospital monitoring and defibrillation

Philips Tempus ALS system1 offers advanced monitoring and resuscitation in a compact solution. With its user-friendly layout, this lightweight solution provides a range of monitoring parameters, and a modular design to grow with you as your needs evolve. Although small, it is extremely durable and packed with all the functionality you need.

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Greater visibility

Each device can be used to perform its monitoring or therapy functions separately and the devices connect wirelessly when together to share data. With two systems working as one, Tempus ALS1 provides a unique solution.

Ready to use when you need it

Rated at IP66, you can take Tempus ALS1 where you need it, even in challenging conditions. And with both wired and wireless connections2 you can count on secure, real-time data transmission even when communications are poor3.

Flexibility to grow with you

Designed with growth in mind to help accommodate your needs. By adopting universal technology standards and connectors, the Tempus ALS1 is built to evolve along with your needs. USB and wireless interfaces allow for expanded monitoring and diagnostics, without having to manage separate devices.

Unique and agile service

Philips delivers comprehensive, tailored offerings that take into account your specific needs. The company takes a holistic approach, working with you to suggest solutions that complement your requirements, to help keep your equipment up and running.

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1. Tempus ALS is a modular system comprised of a Tempus Pro monitor and a Tempus LS defibrillator

2. Wired and wireless connections (Cat5, Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth

3. Reliable data transmission (EDS) data is streamed automatically during the initial assessment and transport of the patient using Enhanced Data Service (EDS) protocol. EDS is designed to ensure effective data transfer even when the underlying connectivity is poor or of low bandwidth.