Advanced technology in new Zoll monitor/defibrillator improves patient outcomes

The new X Series® Advanced, a monitor/defibrillator with groundbreaking new technology available only from ZOLL, helps emergency care providers manage patients more effectively than ever before. X Series Advanced is the first device of its kind to provide the clinical information needed to improve outcomes for patients across multiple disease states.

The X Series Advanced includes two new technologies: Real BVM Help™, which provides clinicians with real-time feedback on both volume and rate of bag valve mask (BVM) ventilations for intubated or non-intubated patients. A ventilation quality indicator and countdown timer guide rescuers to deliver high-quality ventilations and reduce hyperventilation; and TBI Dashboard™, which allows emergency care providers to effectively manage traumatic brain injury (TBI) by providing a dashboard with trending data on the parameters most critical to TBI patients.

“Our mission is to develop and introduce meaningful technologies that help medical professionals and lay rescuers save more lives,” said Elijah A White, President of ZOLL Resuscitation. The two new features come in addition to a well-established range of technologies of the ZOLL X Series, such as fast and accurate vital sign readings, real-time feedback on chest compressions with Real CPR Help®, and integration with the mechanical CPR system AutoPulse® for increased likelihood of shock success.

Comprehensive data capabilities complete the ZOLL EMS solution for caregivers: Remote View™, the telemedicine solution from ZOLL, enables effective decision support to help EMS providers meet their telehealth needs; and RescueNet® CaseReview enables providers to view data from the X Series Advanced post-case for effective QA/QI. Data includes ventilation and CPR performance, case summaries and automatic recognition and integration of performance with ZOLL’s automated CPR device, the AutoPulse.