All new care homes could get sprinklers under latest government proposals

The government is consulting on proposals that would see all new care homes fitted with sprinklers regardless of height.

Previous calls for evidence indicated ‘multiple benefits’ arising from the provision on of sprinklers in new care homes and as a result, the government committed to relook at the evidence and seek views on updating Approved Document B to recommend sprinklers in care homes.

The total cost to business of doing so is, according to the consultation document, estimated to be £161 million with around £35 million benefits to society. There would be a transitional period of six months to allow industry to adapt to these changes.

The consultation does not cover retrofitting sprinklers in existing buildings not undertaking building works.

The consultation paper published on 23 December, also includes proposals to change AD B to introduce a second staircase in residential buildings over 30 metres in height; removing national classifications related to fire and construction products and clarifying other aspects of AD B relating to insulation materials used on external walls.

The consultation is open until 17 March 2023.

Photo credit: Shutterstock.