ANET360 – mobile-based immersive training platform

ANET360 uses virtual reality (VR), gamification and blended learning methods to train professional drivers, safely and in less time than on-the-road programmes. With ANET360 you can bring learners into lifelike, highly engaging environments, to undertake training that may be too expensive, dangerous or difficult to otherwise deliver.

Additionally, ANET360’s product, ANETInsights, incorporates Tobii Pro wearable eye tracking smart technology to access data in a simple and intuitive way; recording what someone is looking at with an eye-tracking device, provides unique insights on actions that are intuitive to skilled workers but difficult to articulate to novices. This helps extract and share valuable tacit knowledge as well as capture errors – and what is causing them – in learners.

Course overview

ANET360 courses guarantee an innovative 360-degree immersive experience, where bus, coach, HGV and lorry drivers use virtual reality (VR) headsets to experience being in various driving situations from the safety of a training room. Using the provided mobile VR headsets, they can check mirrors, view a range of driving situations and experience traffic volume and speed within the comfort of the training room.

The course uses actual on the road scenarios, combines it with taught modules on regulatory driving knowledge and will equip professional drivers with key skills and knowledge to be better drivers on the UK’s motorways and high-speed roads. Courses are JAUPT approved for seven hours periodic training.

Available courses include: Virtual Reality Safe Urban Driving course; and Interactive Safe Motorway Driving course.

Key benefits

– Train people faster and more accurately

– 50% decrease in the time required to train new staff

– 400hrs training time saved per year per department

– Improve safety by identifying the risks and underlying causes for human errors and develop models on preventing accidents

– Increase productivity

– Improve situational awareness: human error is a major cause of workplace accidents so by studying human attention you can tap into situational awareness and identify behaviours and processes that cause accidents.

Course content

ANET360’s innovative training approach allows you to create the most engaging driver training, delivering the most accurate results. The company’s current driver training programme includes content on: speed limits and hazard perception on various types of roads; navigating roadworks as a driver of a larger vehicle; driver control – safe strategies to use in fast-moving traffic; preparing for the impact of hazardous weather conditions; and the differences between driving on UK and European roads.

Further information

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