Arktis adjusts to the ‘new normal’

Established in 1985 and currently celebrating its 35th anniversary, Arktis was initially formed to provide kit for commandos who were tired of their issued kit being unsuitable. Today, the company supplies the majority of police forces in the UK with garments of the highest quality, function and purpose.

Arktis believes it is of the utmost importance that the men and women on the front line are well equipped to deal with the potential hazards they face in everyday life. The company’s highly coveted B315 Avenger Jacket is most popular, along with its B512/B518 police coat, which has casually been referred to as the ‘Gucci coat’, because of its superior quality.

It is this attention to the needs of the individual wearing the garments that has gained Arktis its great reputation among both police and military forces. Always developing products and adding new items, Arktis will reveal its latest generation of garments next year.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the company’s efforts have switched from manufacturing for the police and military to manufacturing PPE for the NHS and other keyworkers. Arktis worked quickly to train staff and, as a result, it now has capabilities for scrubs, gowns, and facemasks. The company has shipped over 100,000 pieces of PPE to various NHS trusts around the UK.

Arktis has always aimed to be a supplier you can call upon when you need a special or bespoke piece of equipment or kit. That’s a service it wants to keep alive – it’s the heart and soul of what the company does. It’s only through designing and redesigning – striving for excellence – that Arktis can improve its products and in turn better its offering to the brave men and women who take to the streets every day to protect and defend us.