ARRM webinar looks at collaboration at major incidents on the Strategic Road Network

The latest ARRM Masterclass, a 30-minute webinar entitled ‘How do Highways England and the Emergency Services CLEAR a major incident on the Strategic Road Network?’ will take place on Wednesday 5 May at 11:00.

Stephen Bird, Senior Advisor with Highways England Incident Management Requirements Team, will present the webinar and also take questions regarding Highways England’s CLEAR initiative.

England’s motorways and major A-roads form something called the Strategic Road Network – more than 4300 miles of high speed road maintained and operated by Highways England. It is one of the world’s most advanced road networks carrying four million road users every day, and one billion tonnes of freight every year. It is a vital part of our social and economic infrastructure, connecting people with communities, connecting workers with jobs, and helping businesses thrive.

When an incident stops traffic flowing, rest assured that one of the emergency services’ main objectives is to deal with the incident as quickly and safely as possible, to get the carriageway flowing freely again so road users can resume their journeys. Highways England’s CLEAR initiative shows how the organisation collaborates with other emergency responders to achieve this.

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