Atos connects UK’s Emergency Services Network with launch of MAIT solution

Atos has successfully launched its Multi Agency Incident Transfer (MAIT) solution for UK emergency services, providing a fast and secure messaging system designed to minimise incident response times.

In the first month of service, the initial tranche of users – South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, South Wales Police, Central Wales Police and Gwent Police – have shared more than 15,000 incident messages over the Atos MAIT Hub.

The new messaging system transfers accurate information on incidents almost instantaneously between multiple emergency service control rooms, cutting resource deployment time by more than three minutes per emergency. It was developed by Atos in partnership with the Welsh Government, Home Office and British Association of Public Safety Communications Officials.

MAIT provides agencies with a single, common interface, which makes one-to-one and one-to-many communications easy, quick and accurate. It reduces the risk of error and delay and frees up frontline staff to focus on the emergency in hand, saving cost and lives.

Tony Bracey, Chair of the UK MAIT Working Group, said, “The emergency services are continually looking to improve the time between incident occurrence and resource deployment. Adopting technologies such as MAIT provides an important opportunity to improve the communication process, accuracy and situational awareness resulting in improved outcomes and efficiencies. The time and errors this solution prevents will save vital minutes in our responses which, in emergency situations, can save lives.”

Nikki Kelly, SVP Public Sector & Defence Northern Europe, Atos, said, “MAIT is a collaborative contribution to support and improve the emergency services response capability to multi-agency incidents with a clear aim of promoting the take up of this vital new resource across those emergency services to establish a common UK solution to benefit all communities.”

The launch of MAIT in South Wales represents the first ever live ‘hub and spoke’ deployment of MAIT in the UK. While other systems require one connection per force, the hub and spoke model means that emergency services only require one connection to communicate with all other connected UK emergency services. This leads to better connectivity and coordination across forces, and cost savings for the customer.