Avon FRS trials new electric vehicle

On the route to net zero carbon emissions, Avon Fire and Rescue Service (Avon FRS) has trialled Tesla’s offering of an emergency service vehicle. In line with Avon FRS’s focus on reducing the service’s carbon footprint, increasing resilience and making cost savings, the trial was the perfect opportunity to understand what Tesla can offer.

During the trial of the blue light enabled Model 3 Tesla, chief officers, senior staff and fleet services teams spent time driving the vehicle on a variety of roads in all weather conditions. While no commitments have been made, the teams had a positive feeling and saw the vehicle as an exciting move into the future.

The service has already taken steps towards net zero carbon, as outlined in its Environmental Strategy 2020-2030, with the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCPs) across the estate as well as the purchase of four Kia E-Niro ancillary vehicles.

Many Avon FRS staff had the opportunity to drive the Tesla, among them was Driver Trainer Ryan Abbott. Ryan felt that while handling very differently to the current response vehicles within the fleet, the car was an exciting offering and could potentially be useful to the service.

Brian Harwood, Head of Transport, Avon FRS, said, “The blue light enabled vehicle has been trailed by numerous response officers and tested under response conditions by our driver training team. The vehicle has performed exceptionally well and every user has reported how responsive and safe the vehicle felt under all conditions.

“We are committed to carbon reduction and vehicles such as the Tesla, with over 300 miles of range and 30 minute fast charge capability, may have a role to play in this journey.

“Earlier this month we welcomed four new electric vehicles to the fleet and we continue to plan for additional changes to our service vehicles in the coming years, this trial with Tesla offered us the opportunity to understand their vehicles and will play a key role in our decision making in the future.”

Avon FRS continue to make changes to achieve commitments to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030, this trial with Tesla is just one of the ways the service is adapting and making plans to reduce carbon emissions in the coming years.