Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service gripped by Michelin tyres

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service will move its heavy fire appliances to a 100 per cent Michelin policy, after testing demonstrated the tyres could outperform its existing competitor fitments.

The service called on Michelin to demonstrate the capabilities of its 315/70 R 22.5 X Multi Z tyre, as it explored options for replacing its existing policy, which was not delivering on longevity.

Testing was conducted at Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedfordshire, with the all position tyre fitted to a laden Scania P280. Testing on the skid pan surface demonstrated the X Multi Z tyre maintained exceptional grip and stability, even with all safety devices deactivated.

The service was so impressed with the performance of the Michelin tyres, it requested they remain on the test vehicle in place of the existing competitor tyres.

Wayne Bartram, Transport and Engineering Manager at Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, says, “The intention of the trial was to find a tyre that delivered exceptional grip and longevity, as our current tyres were wearing quickly. The performance of the X Multi tyres really impressed us on every level. Our vehicles are required to make swift progress under blue-light conditions, in all weathers, and tyre performance is key to the safety and efficiency of our fleet.”

Designed to blend the lowest cost per mile with outstanding grip year-round, the Michelin X Multi Z tyres will be fitted across the remaining 43 heavy fire appliances as wear dictates, with existing fitments moved between appliances to ensure vehicles transition to the full Michelin policy in one go.

These latest generation Michelin tyres set new standards in tyre performance thanks to a technology called Regenion, the name used to describe the longitudinal grooves which regenerate as the tyre wears. This helps to deliver a high level of grip and traction throughout the tyre’s lifecycle in all weather conditions. Michelin engineers used ground-breaking 3D metal printing techniques to manufacture the complex moulds, enabling them to produce the sophisticated tread patterns and profiles that emerge as the tyre wears.

Tyres will be supplied and fitted by Tructyre ATS and will also be regrooved once they reach 3.0mm of remaining tread depth, to take advantage of the additional layer of base rubber built in to every Michelin truck tyre as standard.