Blue Light Services signs joint venture to meet increased demand for bespoke ambulance conversions

Blue Light Services Specialist Vehicles Limited (BLS), a leading ambulance conversion company in the UK supplying vehicles to over 75 private ambulance companies and the NHS have entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Rodriguez Lopez Auto (RLA) in order to increase the supply of vehicles and meet the demands of the increasing client base of BLS.

RLA, based in Spain, has a presence in 25 countries and is one of the world’s largest ambulance providers, providing ambulances, vans, trailers, and trucks for army, police, civilian, and the training sectors.

BLS, still a relatively new company, having been established less than 10 years ago, made a strategic decision to develop multiple design options based on the Renault Master only, and although it has converted other vehicle types, the company has developed a strong reputation for quality bespoke conversions on the Renault Master. This joint venture, will enable BLS to offer multiple vehicle types, including box vehicles, into to the UK market, and although RLA already sells into the UK market, this joint venture with BLS will facilitate a comprehensive warranty support network provided by the highly skilled dedicated BLS warranty team.

The conversion of these vehicles will commence in Spain, but BLS will undertake client customisation such as cupboards and internal configurations in Peterborough. BLS already has large workshops in London and Peterborough and the company has signed an additional lease on another large workshop in Peterborough to conduct the client customisation specifically for this joint venture.

Johnny Fieldhouse, Business Manager, BLS, said, “It was important for us to collaborate with a company that shares our passion for innovation and quality. Both companies have scrutinised one another’s premises and builds and it was evident there were many synergies and opportunities.

“Over the last three years despite increasing production to beyond 600 vehicles a year, we have still been unable to satisfy the demand for our vehicles and therefore this joint venture will enable us to achieve our target of 1000 vehicle sales a year.”

Enrique Rodriguez, RLA, said, “At Rodríguez López Auto Group we are proud to announce we entered a partnership agreement with BLS. This strategic cooperation will allow both parties to develop new products and processes, increasing synergies and economies of scale, which will drive to innovative exceptional quality, affordable product and the highest customer satisfaction throughout the UK ambulance care assistance and Patient Transport Services.

“We have been committed to innovation so we can make better products. It’s something we demonstrate daily in the work we produce across our business. We believe we have to challenge conversion industry traditions through innovating in advanced materials and digital technologies to deliver the best performance, reliability, durability, value for money and positive experiences to the end customers. This alliance will provide both parties with the right partner to address an ever-increasing demand of ambulance services in the UK.”