Blue Watch is the new name in fire and home safety

Capita plc has announced the launch of Blue Watch, a new fire and home safety scheme, supported by the UK’s fire and rescue services (FRS). Capita has signed a seven year contract, with an option to extend for a further three years, with CFOA Services Ltd (CSL) – a trading company of the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) – to deliver the scheme.

Blue Watch aims to reduce the devastation and cost of fires and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in UK homes, by helping homeowners and landlords to provide safer places to live for their families and tenants. The Blue Watch logo is the sign of a safer property – it says a trusted fire safety professional has validated a property or safety product.

Landlords can register their property by completing a checklist on Blue Watch’s website, stating what safety measures they have in place. Advice on what other precautions can be taken to make homes safer is also available. This includes fitting safety equipment such as a smoke alarm, CO alarm, or in other instances investing in fire doors. Once a property is registered, the landlord can request a validation of their safety measures. This will be undertaken by their local FRS or one of its trusted partners.

“Blue Watch exists to make homes and properties in the UK safer,” said Del Bowes, Customer Services Director, Blue Watch. “Around 15,000 people in the UK are affected by fires and CO poisoning every year, which could be prevented by taking a few simple steps. As well as helping homeowners and landlords to fit Blue Watch approved safety products correctly in their homes, we will work closely with CFOA and the UK’s fire and rescue services to raise awareness of the dangers and risks of fire and CO poisoning. Capita’s work in delivering the UK’s gas safety registration scheme, Gas Safe Register, on behalf of the Health and Safety Executive, puts us in a strong position to achieve this and we are committed to making Britain’s homes safer.”

Paul Fuller, CSL Chair, said, “As a serving fire chief, I am proud of the work fire and rescue services across the UK have done to drive down death and injury, but more can always be done. Too many lives are still lost and injuries caused, which is why we have set up Blue Watch. Using our experience, knowledge and professionalism we will help landlords make their properties safer from the risks of fire and carbon monoxide. It’s all about providing the best possible advice and support, as well as top quality safety products. We are looking forward to working with Capita in bringing a fresh approach to fire and CO safety, which we hope will reduce the number of people affected by fire and CO.”

Blue Watch validation is starting in Hampshire, Merseyside, West Yorkshire and Humberside. Landlords outside of these regions still have the option to register and self-declare their properties by ensuring all of the relevant safety precautions have been followed.

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