Body worn video in full HD

7. Pinnacle PR6 Dock JPinnacle’s new PR6 body camera and DEMS software provide an integrated body-worn camera system designed specifically for policing and adjacent sectors.

The PR6 body camera offers the same intuitive ease of use as the company’s PR5, enhanced with significant security upgrades and features. It boasts customisable levels of encryption and password protection along with features such as pre-record with, or without audio.

The 1080p video quality is vastly superior to other similarly rated cameras on the market due to Pinnacle’s unique lens, processor and PCB. The internal battery and 32GB memory are also of the highest quality available and provide a minimum of well over six hours record time in full HD with encryption.

Footage upload is enabled via a secure wireless transfer protocol or secure USB. Single charging dock and multi-charging docks are provided along with intuitive mounting accessories.