Bristol Uniforms secures XFlex kit order from Vienna Airport

Bristol Uniforms, together with its German distributor Fritz Raschel Feuerschutz GmbH, has secured its first ever order from Vienna Airport for its lightweight and ergonomic XFlex kit, featuring the very latest GORE-TEX® Moisture barrier with the GORE® PARALLON™ System.

The GORE-TEX® Moisture barrier with the GORE® PARALLON™ System offers unparalleled levels of breathability and thermal protection, particularly when wet. It is lightweight and helps prevent dangerous increases in core body temperature, which can have an impact on performance and safety.

This sophisticated solution for combatting heat stress faired extremely well in recent trials, outperforming other leading moisture barriers on the market. Testing showed that it lost only 4{b782e6485bad54f4d4eef610261c499b39e6ceae36370d8b5dbb547d38ca2d22} of its thermal protection when wet and displayed the lowest resistance to the evaporation of sweat.

Bristol is offering customers this new technology as part of its XFlex range, along with the more traditional moisture and thermal barriers.

Vienna Airport has taken delivery of over 50 sets of kit – also opting for a PBI Max™ outer shell.

Mr Szirota from Vienna Airport said, “We put XFlex, and a number of other garments, to the test at our on-site training facility. XFlex was by far the most comfortable to wear. It felt so light and easy to move around in and we really liked the sports styling. We also travelled to the BTTG™ testing centre in Manchester to see for ourselves this fabric combination being put through its paces and the results were impressive.

“We took delivery of our new kit in mid-April and so far our firefighters have been very positive about it as it’s a big improvement on what we had before.”