Bristol’s stock styles for structural PPE have global appeal

Bristol Uniforms’ new stock styles for structural PPE are proving popular with fire and rescue services around the world, with orders received from Malaysia to Germany to Saudi Arabia, and many customers already putting their new kit through its paces.

Shannon Airport Firefighters, Republic of Ireland

Launched at the end of last year, the three stock styles (XFlex, Ergotech Action CEN and Ergotech Action NFPA) are particularly suited to international customers since they adhere to a variety of international standards and offer a cost-effective means of obtaining excellent quality PPE. As the kit is ready-made, customers benefit from swift delivery times, while each coat can still be personalised by adding a heat-sealed patch to the back.

Firefighters at Shannon Airport in Ireland were in need of a PPE upgrade and arranged a competitive tender. According to Brian Casey, Airport Police & Fire Service Training Manager at the airport, the XFlex stock kit was the clear frontrunner. Brian’s team ordered 73 sets of XFlex stock PPE from Fireguard, Bristol Uniforms’ distributor in Eire. The new kit was delivered in May. He said, “The Bristol Uniforms stock kit is by far the best kit we’ve ever had. I can honestly say we’ve had no issues whatsoever with any of the items we received. They fit very well and are comfortable to wear. My crew are really pleased with them.”

Other satisfied customers include Kettershausen Fire Brigade and the Verallia Glass Factory in Germany, who recently received their stock XFlex PPE.

The XFlex design is based on Bristol’s flagship XFlex structural fire fighting range, providing excellent range of movement and breathability. It is certified to CEN standard EN469 Level 2.

The two Ergotech Action stock styles have been adapted for different certifying bodies. One adheres to the CEN standard EN469 Level 2, featuring a navy Hainsworth TITAN1220 outer layer and a Gore Crosstech Fireblocker moisture barrier. The second conforms to NFPA 1971:2018 and comes in a Desert Tan colour, with box bellow pockets on both the coat and trousers.

Interest in the stock styles continues from all corners of the globe, with orders for Ergotech Action EN469 PPE received from customers in Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong. The Ergotech Action EN469 kit was also recently delivered to Kennelbach, Rothis and Riefensberg Fire Brigades in Austria, and to the Petronas oil and gas company in Malaysia.