Bulletproof vest ideal for paramedics

SafeGuard GHOSTSafeGuard Armour, a leading manufacturer of body armour with clients across the law enforcement, military, and domestic sectors, has released a new bulletproof vest to help emergency medical workers stay safe.

In situations that are becoming all-too common, paramedics are facing assault when attempting to help people in apparent trouble: whether intoxicated or prone to violence, a minority of civilians attack workers without hesitation. Paramedics may also be called to a crime scene at which gunfire is a risk; in these cases, police assistance is required before entering a dangerous location.

Body armour is now being issued to paramedics in cities around the world. To help keep emergency medical workers safe on duty, SafeGuard Armour has created the GHOST bulletproof vest, a lightweight extra-small model made with 100{b782e6485bad54f4d4eef610261c499b39e6ceae36370d8b5dbb547d38ca2d22} Coolmax® Cooling Material. With cutting-edge breathable fabrics, this vest can be worn comfortably for long periods, keeping workers cool in all climates and high-pressure situations – such temperature-control now plays a key role in body armour, to prevent overheating. This is available with either NIJ level 2 or 3A ballistic protection (both able to stop handgun bullets), and features additional defence against blades and spiked-weapons.

For added convenience and comfort, the GHOST bulletproof vest includes adjustable Velcro shoulder and waist straps, allowing the wearer to tighten or loosen the vest as needed. Weighing less than 2.5kg, this is designed to keep paramedics safe without interfering with their ability to treat patients.

“We depend on EMS workers to save lives, and providing them with the best levels of protection is key to helping them perform such crucial work in maximum safety,” said a spokesperson for SafeGuard Armour. “Our new GHOST bulletproof vest is the latest in stealth protection: paramedics can wear this underneath their uniform, comfortably, and feel reassured should they enter a hostile situation. We hope this becomes a key fixture of many workers’ kits, and helps them to perform their duties safely.”

For more information on the GHOST Bullet Proof Vest, visit http://www.safeguardarmor.com/ghost/