BWV training for Cheshire Police officers

PCC David Keane with PC Tris Whitehead, a Taser officer currently using BWV.

Cheshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane has been on patrol with officers in Chester to receive a demonstration of the force’s new body worn video (BWV) equipment ahead of all officers being trained on the kit.

It follows the announcement earlier this year that body worn video (BWV) cameras would be made available to all police officers in Cheshire thanks to funding approved by David Keane. For the first time, the kit will be used by all frontline officers including local police units, detectives and PCSOs.

Training for frontline officers began earlier this month as the force-wide roll-out continues to progress.

David said, “It was fantastic to see BWV in action. From spending the afternoon with one of our Taser officers who has been using the kit for a couple of months, it’s clear to see the huge benefits this equipment is already bringing to neighbourhood policing across Cheshire.

“BWV not only provides better protection for our officers capturing assaults on police officers and other people on camera, it also increases the chance of prosecution of offenders – saving a great deal of time and money for both Cheshire Police and the courts.

“Introducing this kit falls under one my priorities of having a force fit for the future and I truly believe that giving every frontline officer access to this type of equipment will help strengthen the response of Cheshire Police and, more importantly, keep all of our officers safer.”

Police officers will share the devices between shifts, ensuring the introduction of the new kit is as cost effective as possible. They’ll dock the device when they return to the station from their shift in a safe and secure manner. The footage will then be automatically stored on the force’s central records.

Sergeant Dannielle Knox, who is supporting the roll-out of the cameras, added, “The introduction of BWV for all officers in Cheshire is well underway with local policing units looking forward to receiving their training on the devices this month. With the kit being made available to all frontline officers, it will revolutionise the way we work at Cheshire Police. BWV allows us to capture the best evidence right at the scene in high definition audio and video, reducing the time and effort officers have to spend on case work.”

The roll-out of the kit to all local policing units should be completed by the end of 2018.