CAFS at the ‘switch of a button’ provides peace of mind

Godiva Ltd designs and manufactures high performance fire pumps for fire and rescue services worldwide. The range covers vehicle-mounted, portable, trailer and skid-mounted configurations. The company also specialises in supplying foam proportioning and compressed air foam systems (CAFS).

Godiva recently launched two new products: the new MCP Gen 2.0; and its integrated solution to its Prima Pump, the Prima SmartCAFS Gen 2.0, which delivers superior performance and low maintenance CAFS.

Both systems offer a new Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) that has a variety of advantages for everyone’s peace of mind. With its compressor always on ‘Standby Mode’, CAFS can be used at any time. Its automatic belt tensioner makes sure that the belt is always optimally tensioned, which results in greater efficiency and reduced noise for firefighters; it also reduces maintenance intervals. Its smaller and more efficient heat exchanger allows more room for maintenance.

“We listened to our customers’ feedback: offering a reliable and performant product is important, but we should not stop there,” said Richard Yarnall, Site Lead for Godiva. “Firefighters have to go through very high situational pressures; we want to make sure that they can concentrate on their main priorities, and not worry about anything else. Thanks to this product, you can immediately use CAFS with a switch of a button without worrying about anything else.”

Dedication to customers

The SmartCAFS Gen 2.0 and MCP Gen 2.0 support Godiva’s dedication to its customers; offering reliable, easy maintenance and innovative products and technologies. Godiva, in partnership with its sister companies from IDEX Fire & Safety, continues to build upon a culture of excellence and deliver superior performance to customers worldwide.

Godiva is part of the IDES Fire & Safety, which represents a collaboration of global brand, including Akron Brass, AWG, Class 1, Hale, Hurst Jaws of Life®, Godiva, Lukas, Vetter and Weldon, which deliver trusted solutions to help emergency responders save lives.