Can you think inside the box?

9. Alfa Drop Box 1Alfa Drop Box has developed an innovative ground level loading solution for the commercial and blue light sectors, which uses a unique design with the option to exchange or totally remove the box body from its chassis to facilitate fast turnaround.

The vehicle has many possible applications: NHS UK frontline ambulance – bariatric, neo-natal, specialist transfers, heart units, mobile screening units; private and charitable medical services – mobile medical centres, first aid support for sporting and social events. Humanitarian disasters and incident support units; MOD – demountable treatment centre, small plant transporters, logistics and support vehicle, mini armouries; police force – mobile police stations, incident support units, command centres, forensics units, security screening, specialist equipment, drunk tanks, town and city custody cells, mini armouries; and fire and rescue services – incident support vehicle, confined space training, specialist equipment, BA training and apparatus.

This unique vehicle is an alternative to traditional emergency vehicles, offering an unprecedented level of flexibility – it allows multiple box bodies for different applications with one prime mover. With increasing demand for the need to share resources for specialist equipment across regional police forces, NHS trusts and fire and rescue services, Alfa Drop Box can reduce the need for multiple vehicles, which are used infrequently. If you have a car park full of low mileage, ageing and under-used vehicles, introducing an Alfa Drop Box and implementing change could help you save time and money.

Driven by the need to work more efficiently and cost effectively, Alfa Drop Box meets both of these demands and goes a great deal further. Working with its UK and European partners, the company has implemented the highest quality of build and engineering to bring a comfortable, efficient and versatile solution to market.