Carbon fibre rescue hovercraft performs well in field trials

IMG_0339Every year, victims fall through ice, get stuck in mud, risk drowning and hypothermia during flooding and other natural disasters – hovercraft can quickly allow rescuers to get access to the victim without danger.

The new Carbon Infinity 120HP Turbo seven-seater hovercraft from Hov Pod has out-performed the company’s expectations in recent field trials.

The true measurement of a hovercraft’s capabilities is how much weight it carries from an on-water start. When starting on water, all hovercraft create a pressure wave known as the hump. The seven-seater Hov Pod Carbon Infinity, the world’s first production carbon fibre hovercraft, can pick up 500kg in weight from an on-water start, subject to operating conditions. From land it will lift 675kg in weight.

7 PersonThe performance is made possible by the selection of lightweight materials including Carbon Fibre / Kevlar and HDPE, materials that provide strength while reducing weight.