Cardiac Science launches next generation G3 defibrillator

Cardiac Science, has launched the next generation of its hugely popular G3 model, the Powerheart® G3 Elite.

The new defibrillator features modern circuitry for added reliability and sustainability, as well as strong resistance against dust and water. Using proven and unique Rescue Ready® technology the G3 Elite conducts self-tests every day to ensure electrodes and battery are both present and functional, so it is ready to rescue 365 days a year.

The device uses STAR® biphasic – a patented technology proven in successful rescues across the world – to provide an effective shock. If a subsequent shock is needed, the device will supply variable escalating energy to deliver a higher dose of therapy to the patient.

The G3 Elite comes with a seven-year warranty and a four-year, operational replacement guarantee on the Intellisense® battery. Its automatic self-testing detects when the battery is nearing end of life and signals an alert while the unit still retains enough energy to perform a rescue.