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Cabinet Office awards UKFast £1m contract for ResilienceDirect

The leading UK-managed hosting and cloud provider UKFast has announced a two-year contract with ResilienceDirect. The 24-month contract for the free, live, critical, digital service marks the company’s second consecutive G-Cloud 12 framework award for the contract. Funded by the Cabinet Office since 2014, ResilienceDirect enables organisations such as the police, fire and rescue, ambulance,… Read more »

CAFS at the ‘switch of a button’ provides peace of mind

Godiva Ltd designs and manufactures high performance fire pumps for fire and rescue services worldwide. The range covers vehicle-mounted, portable, trailer and skid-mounted configurations. The company also specialises in supplying foam proportioning and compressed air foam systems (CAFS). Godiva recently launched two new products: the new MCP Gen 2.0; and its integrated solution to its… Read more »

XVR Simulation and LearnPro eFireService merge to create a global leader in VR training and e-learning

XVR Simulation and LearnPro eFireService have merged to create a global leader in virtual reality (VR) and e-learning solutions for the health, fire, police and other emergency services. The combined software suite provides a platform for e-learning management, an authoring tool, competency reporting, and training, including an immersive virtual reality simulation training platform. The combined… Read more »

Allison to highlight range of options for fire appliance propulsion systems at ESS

Allison Transmission has spent decades designing and building fully automatic transmissions for diesel engines that perform at their best in critical situations. Moreover, it is innovating in highly integrated electrified propulsion solutions and complete electrified systems, as well as supporting fire appliance manufacturers using alternative fuels such as natural gas for their powertrains. “Every commercial… Read more »

UK’s first Tactical Training College launches

The UK’s first commercially available tactical training centre will be launching at The Emergency Services Show. The Tactical Training College (TTC) is a purpose-built, stand-alone facility situated in the Midlands. It has been launched to enable emergency services and military professionals to conduct training across a wide range of disciplines, including public order and firearms…. Read more »

Tablet docking stations achieve maximum operational flexibility

Gamber-Johnson has expanded its product portfolio to include mounting solutions specifically designed and engineered for two of the newest rugged devices on the market. – the Panasonic Toughbook® G2 and the Getac F110 G6. Gamber-Johnson has released two models of tablet docking stations and two models of laptop docking stations to support the Panasonic Toughbook… Read more »

VCS reveals new MAN-based ULFA low floor platform-based concept for emergency services

Emergency service vehicle specialist VCS has revealed a range of ground-breaking concepts based on a new Ultra Low Floor Architecture (ULFA) platform developed by sister company, Promech Technologies. The all new ULFA platform’s construction offers a combination of strength, versatility and accessibility never seen in the emergency services sector, enabling VCS to produce a new… Read more »

NEC Software Solutions launches revolutionary control room dispatch technology

NEC Software Solutions has launched software designed to revolutionise the dispatch of emergency services teams. NEC Software Solutions is the new name for APD Communications, a leading supplier of software to emergency services, control rooms and other public safety sectors. APD was acquired by NEC Corporation, one of the world’s most advanced and innovative technology… Read more »