No one plans for a two-year pandemic

The emergency services are used to working with emergency planners in local authorities but during the pandemic, the work of the NHS emergency planning team was brought into sharp relief as the country reeled from Covid. I talk to the man in charge to find out more. In the last issue, I reviewed Professor Lucy… Read more »

Wash away the risk: De-Wipe’s solution for a healthier ‘shower within the hour’

Words: Stuart Glover, Marketing Manager, De-Wipe Ltd The firefighters’ mantra ‘shower within the hour’ is one of the best practices for preventing firefighter cancer. Without a mandatory shower back at the station, firefighters not only run the risk of harmful carcinogenic toxins and impurities found in soot and smoke absorbing through their skin, hair and… Read more »

Vulnerable residents receive lifeline from Oxfordshire Community Safety Officer

When Community Safety Officer, Tara Clarke, visits Oxfordshire residents’ homes, she might be the first person they’ve seen in four months. That’s the reality of care and safety in a COVID-19 world. Some of the most vulnerable people in Oxfordshire rely on relatives and neighbours to check their well-being, but that support is less readily… Read more »

Hampshire charity members drive over 27,000 miles to deliver food and PPE to those in need during pandemic

A Hampshire-based charity has been playing a key part in supporting those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 45 responders from Hampshire and Berkshire 4×4 Response (HB4x4R) have driven in excess of 27,000 miles across Hampshire to deliver pallets of emergency food and personal protective equipment. Hampshire and Berkshire 4×4 Response is a registered… Read more »

Moving forwards: from emergency to recovery

As any frontline service will recognise, there’s never going to be a hard stop between emergency and recovery – there will always be transition. As the easing of lockdown measures continue, the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) has established a ‘COVID-19 Committee’ that will coordinate continued C19 activity, support recovery and collate key learning from… Read more »

“It’s totally unacceptable that some individuals are exploiting this unprecedented global crisis to attack frontline workers”

We’ve had to deal with shocking statistics over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic – from the unacceptably low levels of suitable PPE supplies across the public sector at the start of this crisis, to the daily updates on the latest death toll. These numbers contextualise the realities of a pandemic that emergency services workers… Read more »

Tech in a pandemic: how video can help keep forces safe

In just a few short weeks, COVID-19 has transformed the ways in which many of us work. Some 90% of office workers are now based at their homes since the Coronavirus restrictions came into place in March. Yet, for the vast majority of key workers, a home office just isn’t possible, so technology is stepping… Read more »