Search and Rescue

How airborne intelligence can aid search and rescue operations

Words: Andy Gent, CEO, Revector. The UK’s search and rescue (SAR) organisations, that are heavily reliant on volunteers, aim to provide a highly responsive service despite having limited resources, finding missing people or retrieving those caught up in weather-related incidents. It is no surprise that search and rescue experts are turning to technologies that can… Read more »

Meet the crew specially trained to rescue animals across Kent

To many, animals are like members of the family, or crucial livelihood for farmers, which is why animal rescue emergencies are as important as any other for Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS). The service’s dedicated animal rescue unit (ARU), based in Faversham, is made up of specially trained animal-loving firefighters, who have a passion… Read more »

Patrolling the border

The last two years has seen a significant rise in the number of migrants entering the UK from France, crossing the English Channel in small, often overloaded, inflatable boats.On 29 November 2020, £28m of funding was announced to increase police patrols of the beaches of northern France and additional surveillance. Will this make a difference?… Read more »