“Everyone should have a part to play improving the UK’s resilience.”

Words: Jeannie Barr MEPS, Acting Chair & Director for Professional Standards & Learning, Emergency Planning Society Everyone and everything in our communities has the potential to be affected by an adverse weather incident. And that’s why it’s so important that planning, response and delivery doesn’t all ‘sit’ in one place. As we know, resilience professionals… Read more »

Making EV training a priority as fleet electrification intensifies

In the bid to decarbonise road transport, drivers are making the switch to cleaner, greener vehicles, and the emergency services are already setting the standard for this electric revolution. The electrification of emergency response vehicle fleets has intensified during 2021, from the introduction of new, all-electric ambulances to the installation of supporting infrastructure. There is… Read more »

Delving deep into the world of immersive technology training

MXT signed the UK Government’s first ever Immersive Technology Services framework agreement in 2017 to provide all things Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality to Highways England. Training using immersive technology offers the opportunity to immerse trainees, such as new Traffic Officers, wherever they might be and to train them on a limitless number of highly… Read more »

What is the role of Organisation Development in the future of policing?

Words:Toby Lindsay, Principal Consultant for Leadership, Management and OD at Skills for Justice Organisation Development (OD), which is grounded in the reality of modern policing and crime prevention, is a key component to ensuring our future police service is adept at meeting the increasing challenges it will face. Yet, as the College of Policing’s 2020… Read more »

Kent FRS first in UK to receive formal recognition for incident debriefs

Kent Fire and Rescue Service (Kent FRS) has become the first UK fire and rescue service to receive professional recognition for its extensive incident debrief process. As part of its commitment to continuously learn and improve, the service has made significant and pioneering changes to its formal debrief process, making it more thorough and inclusive… Read more »