Fleet ID providing a smart way to order vehicle livery

Words: Lee Whitehead, Operations Director, FleetID A revolutionary online vehicle livery procurement system has been launched this month by Fleet ID Limited. Having provided safety markings for thousands of emergency fleet vehicles, they saw the roadblocks that Fleet Managers and vehicle converters sometimes face during the procurement process. And when time is of the essence,… Read more »

Learning to love electric in London

Catherine Levin writes about London’s electric vehicle journey in the June issue of Emergency Services Times The twin goals of improving air quality through the Mayor’s ULEZ scheme and the Government’s aim to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030 drive the strategic direction of the blue light fleets in London. I… Read more »

Cornwall FRS lands second Unimog

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service has invested in a second Mercedes-Benz Unimog to extend their ‘go anywhere’ capability and respond to a wide range of incidents. The Unimog transports mission-specific pods, each one packed with specialist equipment, which allows the service to respond to wildfires, floods and other incidents across the county. Mercedes-Benz showed the… Read more »

Haztec maximises efficiency through innovative design

Road vehicles account for a substantial proportion of UK greenhouse gas emissions. Alongside the adoption of electric vehicles, there are significant gains to be made through the careful selection of the ancillary equipment to be fitted to the vehicle. Indeed, with the increasing uptake of electric vehicle technology, opportunities to save energy become all the… Read more »

Enabling sustainable transport technology solutions for the blue light sector

In recent years the blue light sector has come under increasing pressure to deliver effective and efficient services that guarantee public safety. One of the ways it has been tackling this is by improving service delivery through innovative and emerging technology. A new agreement for transport management technology, available through Crown Commercial Service (CCS), will… Read more »

Making EV training a priority as fleet electrification intensifies

In the bid to decarbonise road transport, drivers are making the switch to cleaner, greener vehicles, and the emergency services are already setting the standard for this electric revolution. The electrification of emergency response vehicle fleets has intensified during 2021, from the introduction of new, all-electric ambulances to the installation of supporting infrastructure. There is… Read more »

Allison to highlight range of options for fire appliance propulsion systems at ESS

Allison Transmission has spent decades designing and building fully automatic transmissions for diesel engines that perform at their best in critical situations. Moreover, it is innovating in highly integrated electrified propulsion solutions and complete electrified systems, as well as supporting fire appliance manufacturers using alternative fuels such as natural gas for their powertrains. “Every commercial… Read more »

Three steps to sustainability for the emergency services

Tammy Carter, Head of Category – Fleet, Crown Commercial Service, outlines the three steps that organisations looking to shift to sustainable fleet solutions need to consider. One positive effect of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has been the beneficial impact less travel has had on air quality. With people realising the benefits of this, there has… Read more »