Infection Control

County Durham and Darlington FRS invests in mechanical cleaning systems

County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service has implemented Dräger’s cleaning solution as part of its new decontamination facility, designed to ensure optimal cleaning and disinfection of firefighter equipment. The initiative will not only help protect firefighters from harmful carcinogens and germs, but the innovative nature of the decontamination and cleaning regime will also… Read more »

Welsh Ambulance Service uses ultrasonic atomisers in fight against COVID

The Welsh Ambulance Service have a new weapon in the battle against the Coronavirus pandemic – ultrasonic atomisers. The innovation was designed to combat biological and chemical warfare and has now been adapted for commercial and healthcare use. In March 2020, the Welsh Ambulance Service sought a better way to rapidly disinfect their ambulances. It… Read more »

Wash away the risk: De-Wipe’s solution for a healthier ‘shower within the hour’

Words: Stuart Glover, Marketing Manager, De-Wipe Ltd The firefighters’ mantra ‘shower within the hour’ is one of the best practices for preventing firefighter cancer. Without a mandatory shower back at the station, firefighters not only run the risk of harmful carcinogenic toxins and impurities found in soot and smoke absorbing through their skin, hair and… Read more »

UV air sterilisation provides 24/7 infection control

CorrMed is working with AIRsteril for UK, an air purification system used widely within ambulances, prisons, call centres and washrooms, providing 24/7 infection control and odour elimination. The technology is already used in 1000 ambulances globally, removing airborne microorganisms, viruses and particles in as little as 60 minutes. How does it work? The advanced UV… Read more »

Medical grade air filtration system for ambulances

With the risk of infection a critical concern in confined spaces, Webasto, a world-leading manufacturer of systems and solutions for the automotive market, has developed the world’s first medical grade air filtration system for passenger and emergency vehicles. High-efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA) are critical in the prevention of the spread of airborne bacterial and… Read more »