New kit and vehicles for Norfolk’s firefighters

Firefighters across Norfolk have received £1.44m of new kit as part of an investment by Norfolk County Council in technology and equipment. In addition, five new multi-purpose tactical response vehicles (TRV) are due to be put into service this month, to enhance NFRS’s capability in extreme weather conditions and at difficult to reach locations. These… Read more »

UK fire and rescue services reap Collaborative PPE Framework benefits

Thirty-three fire and rescue services (FRSs), comprising over 33,500 firefighters, are now benefiting from the Local Authority Collaborative PPE Framework. Launched three years ago, in June 2017, the framework gives UK FRSs access to high quality PPE ensembles and volume discounts through a streamlined procurement process. The framework was set up in response to calls… Read more »

Boots on the ground: Heroes Wear HAIX®

HAIX®, an innovative, hi-tech manufacturer of specialist footwear based in Bavaria, Germany, has gained its reputation for reliability and quality in footwear for firefighters, police, emergency services and taskforces worldwide. HAIX® focuses on protecting operators from the day-to-day hazards of demanding, dangerous and life-saving roles, while maintaining outstanding comfort. Its innovative designs are inspired by… Read more »

Endura expertise provides vital PPE to the front line

Scottish cycling kit manufacturer and supplier of cycling clothing to the emergency services, Endura, has been using its expertise in rapid garment development and advanced production techniques to support the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Livingston-based company has been working in collaboration with Keela, Redwood TTM and Transcal to provide significant volumes of PPE… Read more »

Oxfordshire firefighters launch new lightweight, safety-first uniform

Firefighters in Oxfordshire will be better equipped to keep residents safe, thanks to new lightweight, fire resistant uniforms. Oxfordshire is at the forefront of emergency services’ uniform design, as the county’s firefighters begin wearing their new highly visible ‘rescue jackets’ at road traffic collisions and updated safety tunics, when attending fires and other emergencies. The… Read more »

R6C helmet is head and shoulders above the rest

First responders face potential dangers when dispatched to incidents such as road traffic accidents as the risks on arrival at the scene are unknown. The priority is always to ensure any risks of injury to themselves are mitigated before attending to casualties on the scene. Paramedic and ambulance helmets must allow the emergency responder access… Read more »

Arktis adjusts to the ‘new normal’

Established in 1985 and currently celebrating its 35th anniversary, Arktis was initially formed to provide kit for commandos who were tired of their issued kit being unsuitable. Today, the company supplies the majority of police forces in the UK with garments of the highest quality, function and purpose. Arktis believes it is of the utmost… Read more »

Venari launches equipment division with major partnership confirmation

Venari Group has confirmed a major exclusive partnership agreement for the fire fighting sector, with one of the world’s leading helmet manufacturers, SCHUBERTH. SCHUBERTH is a famous, 90-year old, manufacturer of safety helmets for motorcyclists and motorsport, including Formula One. For decades, it has also been one of the most popular helmets among German motorcyclists…. Read more »

Manage your PPE using RFID

Without personal protection equipment (PPE), including face masks, face guards, gloves, scrubs, disinfectants etc, our key workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic are vulnerable and at risk. To support doctors, nursing and paramedic staff during this critical time, OTTO ID Solutions has developed a cost efficient ‘Plug and Play’ solution to specifically manage… Read more »