Adler and Allan partners with NCEC to bolster chemical response capability

Environmental risk reduction specialist Adler and Allan has partnered with the National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) to provide training for its employees to deal with hazardous material incidents equal to that given to the emergency responders from the fire and rescue service. The company has invested £100,000 in NCEC hazardous materials first responder and hazardous… Read more »

ANET360 – mobile-based immersive training platform

ANET360 uses virtual reality (VR), gamification and blended learning methods to train professional drivers, safely and in less time than on-the-road programmes. With ANET360 you can bring learners into lifelike, highly engaging environments, to undertake training that may be too expensive, dangerous or difficult to otherwise deliver. Additionally, ANET360’s product, ANETInsights, incorporates Tobii Pro wearable… Read more »

Near-life™ launches WHO emergency response training

Immersive learning specialist Near-Life™ is launching a new VR authoring tool to deliver realistic scenarios with a pilot project for emergency medical teams, supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO) Manchester-based Near-life™ has used its new CREATOR VR interactive video tool to produce an immersive learning project for the WHO’s Emergency Medical Teams programme. Based… Read more »

Ship fire hose line handling training solution

One of the most difficult situations for shipboard fire teams during a shipboard fire, is handling the hose line (advancement/retreating), especially in gas cooling operations. After years of international marine fire fighting experiences, BC Luca Beltrami and LT Francesco Cecconetto, of the Genoa Fire Department, in Italy, have patented a special device called the ‘hose… Read more »

Ruth Lee Ltd working in partnership with leading virtual reality developer

Ruth Lee Ltd has announced a new partnership with VSTEP, the world leading simulation software provider. With this collaboration, Ruth Lee will operate as the official representative of the Response Simulator product in the UK and Ireland markets. Both companies will join forces to help users fill the gap between theoretical and practical real-life training…. Read more »