COAST torches ideal for frontline emergency services personnel

Highly competitive prices to emergency services personnel begin at £35 (XP6R) to £85 (XP18R)!

A series of four new COAST torches with ‘super-lumens’ light outputs plus a host of additional ‘industry-leading’ features, the XP-R range begins with the compact XP6R at 400 lumens, moving to the XP9R at 1000 lumens, the XP11R at 2100 lumens and ending with the flagship XP18R at a massive 3650 lumens maximum light output.

All four models are ‘dual power’, designed to work with the COAST ‘ZITHION-X™’ rechargeable battery (supplied as standard) but also designed to operate from primary/single-use CR123A, AAA or AA batteries if/when required to do so.

All four models feature one-handed slide focus adjustment from long-range spot beam to COAST’s flawless ultra-wide flood beam, in addition to a new contoured body shape, providing improved grip and comfort.

Added features on XP11R and XP18R models include an extra ‘TURBO mode’ of 2000 and 3500 lumens respectively, also an illuminated Battery Life Indicator built into the switch, so you always know how much power you have left in the tank!

The XP11R (shown here) and XP18R models include an illuminated Battery Life Indicator built into the switch.