Cobham upgrades its ‘control room in a briefcase’

9. Cobham MultiVue2_webThe new SOLO 7 MultiVue2 briefcase diversity receiver from Cobham gives mobile close protection, law enforcement and first responder teams a virtual control room in a briefcase.

Designed specifically for fast, reliable deployment, mobile teams have already found the previous SOLO4 MultiVue to be the key to establishing and managing a secure perimeter and situational awareness in an emergency. Its ability to monitor multiple video and audio feeds has played an important role in protection of senior politicians and public figures, transport of hazardous and high-value goods and management of disaster response, public order threats and large events around the world.

Incorporating lessons learned through the original model’s five years of successful field deployments, the new MultiVue2 features a simplified, robust internal architecture, tilting touchscreen control, full HD monitor, new easy-to-use touchscreen interface, speakers for independent audio monitoring and the ability to receive four SD/HD videos at once. It is compatible with Cobham’s range of SOLO transmitters and all existing telemetry frequencies.

“The MultiVue2 is a highly capable, robust and self-contained solution for anyone who needs to manage surveillance and situational awareness on deployment, or on the move,” said Cobham’s Andrew Tilbury. “It is ideal as a briefcase receiver, but can quickly and easily be integrated into a command vehicle or system. Its capability helps minimise risk and improve efficiency and confidence in securing high-value or high-priority assets.