College of Policing appoints new CEO

Chief Constable Andy Marsh QPM has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the College of Policing and begins his new role in September.

CC Andy Marsh was a Chief Officer for 15 years and has worked across three police forces, including as Chief Constable in Hampshire Constabulary and Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

Home Secretary Priti Patel welcomed the new CEO. She said, “Beating crime and delivering safer communities across the UK is our priority. The College of Policing is pivotal to the training and development of our police officers nationwide to ensure they have the skills and experience to tackle crime.

Andy will lead the college with strong professional standards and shape the support and training for the new generation of police recruits. I look forward to seeing our growing number of police officers supported to operate at the high standard that the British public expect.”

CC Marsh first joined Avon and Somerset Constabulary as a new recruit in 1987, and later took on operational and detective roles. As a detective sergeant, he helped to reshape the force’s approach to the way major crime was investigated. He was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in 2018.

CC Marsh retired from his most recent role as chief constable of Avon and Somerset Constabulary in July, a role he had held since February 2016.

CC Andy Marsh said, “I’m looking forward to joining the brilliant people at the college to help lead the organisation in a renewed mission to support and improve policing.

“Officers and staff face complex, dangerous and difficult situations every day and it’s important they have the right skills and knowledge to be able to carry out their roles to protect the public. More broadly, it is vital the service has the right leadership at all levels and is truly inclusive to allow policing to deliver for all our communities.

“Policing has changed dramatically over my career and it will go on changing. The college has a critical role to play in helping policing stay ahead of these changes by setting standards, identifying what works, as well as supporting the development of leadership at every level.

“It’s important that we build on the excellent work done so far, to play an even more active role in the future, giving officers and staff the support they deserve to enable the provision of policing that the public need and expect.”

Also joining the College’s board is Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu QPM, the Metropolitan Police Service’s Head of Specialist Operations. AC Basu has been in policing for 29 years and has national responsibility for counter-terrorism policing. He was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in 2016.