Crane sling assists bariatric rescue from RTCs

10. ProMove sling and stirrup testDeveloped at Promove UK Ltd in collaboration with technical rescue specialists in the UK fire and rescue service (FRS), a new Crane sling and Spacer Bar is designed to assist FRS teams to rescue bariatric casualties from road traffic collisions (RTCs).

Currently in the UK the preferred method of extracting obese or bariatric casualties from road traffic accidents is to remove the vehicle roof and lift the person out. This is done by lifting the casualty manually, using the ProMove Barikit, or mechanically by a rope and pulley assembly mounted on a temporary scaffold or with a lorry mounted crane.

The Crane Sling can be placed beneath the seated bariatric individual even in a restricted location, with the individual’s weight supported from head to knees by the sling, and stirrups supporting the lower legs and feet.

The Spacer Bar is designed to keep the sling and stirrups in an open position, thereby avoiding pressures on the bariatric individual and providing a single central lifting point.