Creating smoke without fire for your training

Modern fire simulation allows trainers to create scenarios, which need to be seen to be believed. With smoke machines, fake flames, light effects, burning scent aerosols and sound boxes, you will be amazed how quickly and easily you’re able to set up a full sensory training session, which is also easy to clear away when you’re done.

Leading manufacturer of rescue training manikins, Ruth Lee Ltd, is the UK distributor for FireWare fire simulation products. The company’s experts can provide advice on staging a scenario, from small training exercises at your site, to large scale multi-agency training scenarios encompassing large areas.

In recent years, Ruth Lee Ltd has set up several scenarios, including with the North and Mid Wales Truck Agency, who wanted to simulate a serious collision in Conwy Tunnel. In this instance, the team at Ruth Lee Ltd was able to set up a scenario while the tunnel was closed overnight. Come the morning – you wouldn’t even have known they had been there!

Another solution for testing the skills of your teams in smoke filled environments, without smoke, is the FireWare Nebula smoke simulation masks. Perhaps you don’t want to use smoke in case of panicking the general public… Or maybe the trainer would like a clear view of the room to see how teams react to certain situations… This is where the Nebula masks are invaluable.

Trainees wear a special ski mask equipped with an LCD screen. This screen can become more or less transparent at the touch of a button, controlled by a trainer. Six different smoke thicknesses can be simulated. Alternatively, the Nebula also has a random mode, in which the mask gives an irregular smoke pattern with varying visibility.

Using these masks, those completing the training have the experience of obstructed vision, but the instructor has a clear view, providing room for optimal feedback.

If you are based in the UK, the team at Ruth Lee Ltd can visit your facility to demonstrate these products to your trainers. Sometimes seeing is believing and with a no obligation demo, you can see for yourself how impressive FireWare fire simulation is!