Cumbria police using data to target hot spots

Data and enhanced analytics are being utilised by Cumbria Constabulary’s Safety Camera teams to help make Cumbria’s roads safer for all. The Constabulary is focusing its use of Road Safety vans on specific hotspot areas, as identified via collision data compiled over several years.

The use of data and analytics comes as the Constabulary and its road safety partners adopt Cumbria Vision Zero 2040, a multi-national traffic safety initiative with the goal of no one being killed or seriously injured within the road transport network.

Commenting on the change in approach by the Constabulary, Sergeant Stabler said, “Previously we spread the use of our Road Safety vans over a wide area, with locations chosen based on a wide variety of factors which could often come down to which community is most effective in raising concerns about their own area.

“Moving forward, we will continue to listen to those voicing concerns, but we will also be giving a far greater weight to what the data and analytics are telling us and pointing our resources where they can be most effective in making our county’s roads safer.”

The Constabulary is initially focusing on three hotspot areas. Sgt Stabler said that over the course of the first month, one of those areas – the A66 at Eden – recorded nine drivers travelling at speeds in excess of 95mph, including one driving at 134mph. These drivers will appear at court where they will face a potential driving ban.

Photo credit: Cumbria Constabulary.