Custom Consoles develops Operator Safety Screen in response to Coronavirus

Custom Consoles announces a new addition to its range of technical control furniture. Developed in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Operator Safety Screen reduces the risk of airborne infection or direct physical contact between control room personnel without restricting their forward or side view of video monitor displays.

“We designed the Operator Safety Screen following discussions with some of our largest customers,” says Neil Reed, Managing Director, Custom Consoles. “Most technical control rooms and edit suites are well air-conditioned but Covid-19 has raised health and safety concerns to a significantly higher level. We responded promptly to the challenge with a space-efficient screen, which can be installed quickly and easily wherever control room staff are working in close proximity. The Operator Safety Screen is designed to fit our Module-R series of technical furniture but fits all other desks in our product portfolio and those manufactured by other furniture companies.”

“The Operator Safety Screen has already generated orders totalling several hundred from broadcasters such as Al Jazeera, Amazon, BBC Studio Works, IMG, QVC, STV and Timeline as well as many others,” adds Sales Manager Gary Fuller. “This makes it one of the fastest selling new products in Custom Consoles’ history. Each screen comprises a strongly built birch plywood main frame with rigid low-profile floor supports. A transparent polycarbonate panel bonded into the upper section of each frame gives operators a clear view of all equipment and colleagues to support their normal workflow. Handgrips are integrated into each frame for easy relocation.”