Cyber security focus at next month’s International Security Expo

It is the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) throughout October and, as part of the International Security Expo’s contribution, cyber themes will be running through this event, which takes place in London at Olympia from 28-29 November 2018. The International Security Expo is free to attend and packed with content.

ECSM is an awareness campaign that promotes cyber security among EU citizens and advocates seeking to change the perception of cyber-threats by promoting education, good practice in data and information security.

The International Security Expo is a content driven event aimed at promoting innovation, education and good practice. The free to attend Cyber, Data and Information Security conference, sponsored by Darktrace, takes place on 29 November and complements the innovation on display from Darktrace and others in the event’s dedicated Cyber Zone.

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) part of GCHQ said of the threat, “Today, the UK and its allies can expose a campaign by the GRU, the Russian military intelligence service, of indiscriminate and reckless cyber-attacks targeting political institutions, businesses, media and sport.”

The UK’s Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said, “These cyber-attacks serve no legitimate national security interest, instead impacting the ability of people around the world to go about their daily lives free from interference, and even their ability to enjoy sport.”

With nation states attacking Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), businesses and citizens, Facebook losing millions of users’ data and cyber-attacks being reported in the press almost daily, Cyber Security is certainly headline news and a central theme that runs throughout the International Security Expo.

The Cyber Conference features Nicola Whiting from Titania talking about ‘Nightmare on Cyber Hygiene Street’; Rowena Fell from EY drilling into the ‘Insider Threat’; and when it all goes wrong the country’s leading QC, who will either prosecute you or defend you, Dean Armstrong QC, drills into the real risks and how they can bite.

Outside the Cyber Conference, Pen Test Partners will show ‘How to Hack the Sea Lanes’ in the Maritime Conference; in Aviation, Vasco Amador from Global Intelligence Insight delves into Social Network Analysis when looking at the online terrorist threat; and Brian Lord, a former Deputy Director with GCHQ, looks at the threat to our CNI in the CNI conference.

These are merely a flavour and there are cyber content in every conference. The best way to find what you want is to visit and look up the conferences but the only way to participate is to be there so click on the ‘Register Free’ button, because it is all free!