De-Wipe donates sanitiser wipes to flood-hit Germany

De-Wipe has donated over 43,000 of its alcohol free sanitiser wipes to Bullard Europe, the company’s official distribution partner in Germany, to support the hygiene and wellbeing of firefighters, flood rescue personnel and emergency rescue technicians in the severely flood-hit Ahrweiler region of western Germany.

As the rescue operation in Ahrweiler moved into arguably its most hazardous stage by concentrating its efforts on debris and waste removal, the risks posed by waterborne pathogens within floodwaters and toxic mud and waste left behind by the floodwater represented the biggest risk to the hygiene and wellbeing of those dealing with the flood’s aftermath. Floodwaters are contaminated with sewage and other pollutants within oil and silt, so it was vital rescue workers in the region were kept as clean as possible. Using De-Wipe’s alcohol free sanitiser wipes to clean skin and equipment after exposure to toxic floodwater waste limits the spread of infectious waterborne diseases, thus reducing the risk of an epidemic breaking out in the area.

Bullard Europe stated it planned to pass the sanitiser wipes onto the FD Association of the Region in Ahrweiler, who then distributed the wipes among rescue personnel and to inhabitants still living in the region.