DHL wins National Uniform Managed Service (NUMS) contract

British Policeman in Traditional Helmet Watches over CrowdThe Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has announced that DHL Supply Chain Ltd had won the competition for the National Uniform Managed Service (NUMS). The contract is for up to 10 years and the service is intended to go live from April 2016.

The National Uniform Managed Service (NUMS) is a national end-to-end supply chain and logistic solution, which will deliver to customers (both organisations and individuals) with a consistent, uninterrupted and on time supply of uniform and equipment. Being an end-to-end service, DHL will not only be responsible for handling orders, returns, recycling and disposal but also the procurement of all uniform and equipment supplied under the NUMS contract as well as providing warehousing and logistic capabilities.

While the MPS has led this project and will be the first adopters of the service, NUMS was developed through engagement with forces from England and Wales and has been designed as a national solution. Other customers will be able to on-board from middle of 2016 onwards and, beyond police forces, NUMS is open to law enforcement and other emergency services.

Liz Church, the NUMS service lead for the MPS, said, “It has been a great team effort to get to this point but we can’t rest on our laurels as implementation for the MPS as the first adopter begins now, and we know that through DHL, other customers may be on-boarded early on in the contract.”

NUMS was jointly commissioned by ACPO, the Strategic Police Procurement Board and the Home Office. Read the October issue of Emergency Services Times for further details.