Digital voice recording offers secure solution for Lancashire Constabulary

A combination of encrypted, user-friendly digital dictation management software and hardware from Voice Technologies has replaced Lancashire Constabulary’s unsecure audio recorders.

Lancashire Constabulary’s armed response unit and their negotiators are required to document and audio record specific interactions while deployed to an incident, either in person or by phone. Officers complained their hand-held audio recorders suffered from poor battery life and interference, resulting in low quality and inaudible recordings.

Voice recordings were manually transferred onto the constabulary’s server via a number of available workstations. The recorders were not encrypted or PIN-coded, making them insecure. Positive steps were required to identify an encrypted, user-friendly solution to comply with information security and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Following a consultation process, which included an onsite demo to show how the proposed solution for voice recording and dictation management could work, Voice Technologies was selected as the supplier.

The Olympus DS-9000 portable digital voice recorder.

Encrypted for data safety

Voice Technologies recommended Olympus DS-9000 portable digital voice recorders, with best-in-class file encryption, for officers to use with a telephone pick up or lapel microphone to ensure all audio is captured.

The microphones reduce unwanted noises, such as breath and wind vibrations, ensuring improved sound quality.

To accompany the DS-9000 recorders, Voice Technologies also recommended Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) software. With ODMS installed, every recorder has an encryption key programmed into it. The software automatically pulls the encrypted dictations onto one of a limited number of designated workstations once a device is docked.

Admin staff then use ODMS to decrypt the dictation and save it to a secure location on the constabulary’s main server. This process is much smoother and safer, taking place within the constabulary’s infrastructure.

The new hardware and software were introduced without any disruption to existing IT systems. Voice Technologies’ project team guided Lancashire Constabulary’s IT department through the installation process and provided training so that users were confident in the new system from day one.

A team of 50 use the voice recording and dictation management system, regularly commenting on how the quality of recordings and the ease of use of the new devices helped improve accuracy and speed up the reporting process.

Voice Technologies is an award-winning, employee-owned software solution provider serving the UK market. The company helps organisations to reduce the time and cost of producing correspondence by using information and mobile workflow, speech recognition and digital dictation applications.