Dräger launches new thermal imaging camera with one-touch operation

Photo: Dräger UCF FireVista Thermal Image Camera.

Dräger, an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology, has launched the UCF® FireVista, a thermal imaging camera (TIC) that can be activated one-handed with just one button, providing split-second access to critical visual support within a firefighting incident.

TICs provide vital insight when visibility is significantly reduced due to fire, smoke or darkness, thereby supporting firefighters whilst attending the most challenging environments. They deliver vital intelligence in locating casualties and helping locate the seat of a fire, so that it can be rapidly extinguished.

With the ability to detect even the smallest change in temperature, and providing a clear contrast between walls, doors and stairs, the UCF® FireVista proves especially useful in detecting hotspots when a fire is behind cladding or in a building’s void. It therefore limits invasive physical damage as emergency teams have less need to strip out the fabric of a building to reach the fire.  

The UFC® FireVista is compact, robust and features an ergonomic design and almost indestructible outer shell. It can withstand mechanical stresses and its IP67 protection class guarantees that is water and dust resistant. A fast frame rate and ultra-high image picture quality deliver a quick overview of an incident even under the most difficult operating conditions.

Weighing only 870g, the UFC® FireVista is one of the lightest thermal imaging cameras currently on the market. This helps increase the mobility and reduce the physical strain placed on the firefighter.

The camera has an operating time of approximately five hours, due to its powerful rechargeable battery, which gives enough leeway for longer deployments. The camera is virtually maintenance-free, and the integrated battery has a lifetime of approx. 4000 charging cycles.

The compact and intuitive camera is easy to use and operate, with just one on/off switch, which means it can deliver vital information in seconds.