Drone expert named as Lowland Rescue’s new Air Services Director

Lowland Rescue has appointed Gemma Alcock (right) as its new Air Services Director. Gemma is a member of Dorset Search and Rescue, as well as Founder and CEO of SkyBound Rescuer.

Gemma is recognised as an international expert on the subject of search and rescue drone technology, speaking at conferences across the US, Europe, and Australia, as well, as advising and training several UK police forces and fire and rescue services on the use of drones.

A Spokesperson for Lowland Rescue said, “We are very pleased and proud to have Gemma take on the air directorate. Lowland rescue has and will continue to push the boundaries of SAR, and to do this you have to have solid foundations. Gemma brings this, being named as ‘one to watch’ in the 2018 International Drone Conference search and rescue category. Working together with our partners and sister organisations she can allow us to explore and develop these pioneering technologies.”

Speaking about the appointment, Gemma said, “I am truly committed to and passionate about creating a future in which drones will routinely be a tool for saving lives. As such, I have dedicated the past four years of my career to developing drone lifesaving for the UK and abroad.

“I see a great opportunity for Lowland Rescue to become a national leader in drone SAR, with its appetite to innovate and its ability to develop a consistent national standard. I will make it my mission to ensure Lowland Rescue’s drone operations are world leading.

“With regards to the helicopter operations aspect, I look forward to building and developing Lowland Rescue’s relationships and working practices with the UK SAR helicopter services.

“This role feels like a natural fit for me and I am truly honored to be taking on the responsibility of National Lead for Air Operations.”

Lowland Rescue is the governing body for its affiliated 35 teams across the UK, covering the UK’s non mountainous areas and all of Northern Ireland. Supporting on average 800 operations per year, and saving multiple lives through its work and medical interventions, Lowland Rescue is pioneering many streams of search and rescue development, including: professional standards for all grades; drone technology; creation of a statistical modelling missing person database; and launching of its Lowland Rescue first responder qualification, to name a few.