Dual-power rechargeable focusing head-torches

A series of three new COAST torches with ‘super-lumens’ light outputs plus a host of additional ‘industry-leading’ features, the XPH-R range begins with the compact XPH25R at 400 lumens, moving to the XPH-30R at 1000 lumens, and ending with the XPH-34R at a massive 2075 lumens maximum light output.

All three models are ‘dual power’, designed to work with the COAST ‘ZITHION-X™’ rechargeable battery (supplied as standard) but also designed to operate from primary/single-use CR123A OR AA batteries if/when required to do so.

All three models feature one-handed twist focus adjustment from long-range spot beam to COAST’s flawless ultra-wide flood beam, in addition to a new heavy-duty contoured body.

Added features on all three models include a magnetic end-cap, enabling the torch to be detached and used as a hands-free area light plus an illuminated Battery Life Indicator built into the switch, so you always know how much power you have left in the tank!