Durable protection for basket stretchers

Large, glove-friendly attachment hooks clip around the stretcher frame tubes.

Lightweight tubular basket stretchers are becoming increasingly popular in the UK for more than specialist, technical rope rescue.

Their compact size, weight saving design and structural strength make them highly versatile, finding uses in a range of challenging scenarios and environments. They are now seen in urban search and rescue (USAR), remote area, mountain and underground rescue activities.

If there is a downside to this increased use it is the potential for the unavoidable knocks and scrapes a stretcher takes in regular service to reduce its working life.

Lyon Equipment is a leading supplier of basket stretchers and, with staff members who are active users of those types of stretchers within rescue organisations, has recognised this potential limitation and used its design and manufacturing skills to develop a solution.

The company’s Basket Stretcher Skid Sheet is designed to provide lightweight, durable protection for many of the basket stretchers used by rescue teams.

The Skid Sheet is designed to fit metal frame basket stretchers such as the popular Traverse Rescue Titan Tapered models. It creates a physical barrier that offers added protection to the lower frame tubes from knocks and abrasion when the stretcher is dragged over abrasive surfaces. It also eases movement in many situations by providing a smooth base to the stretcher, reducing the potential for snagging on protrusions and allowing rapid movement over soft ground or snow.

Large, glove-friendly attachment hooks clip around the stretcher frame tubes, making fitting quick and simple whatever the weather and the complete sheet rolls up for easy storage and transport.