Emergency Planning College takes courses ‘on the road’

EPC at The Hawkhills 112The Emergency Planning College is extending its reach by taking courses ‘on the road’ – delivering training across the regions, making courses more accessible from convenient locations across the UK.

As part of the college’s ongoing commitment to deliver service excellence at the Emergency Planning College (EPC), and provide more flexible training to the wider resilience community the EPC has selected a number of its most popular courses to deliver from different regions throughout the UK.

The resilience community is wide ranging, covering many disparate agencies across the UK; time is valuable and accessibility to training resources are key. By offering these courses throughout the UK the EPC is able to cater for both individual and organisation needs.

During 2014 the college will deliver a total of 29 courses across four regions throughout the UK. These courses, handpicked from the EPC’s three centres of excellence, Emergency and Crisis Management, Business Continuity and Crowd and Public Safety, include: Introduction to Civil Protection, Exercising Emergency Plans, Public Safety at Festivals and Mass Gatherings and Introduction to Business Continuity. If the approach proves successful more courses and dated will be rolled out later in the year, with a full programme of events planned for 2015.

These regional ‘hub’ courses are being delivered from: The Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury – London, The Holiday Inn – Cardiff, The Stormont Hotel – Belfast and County Hall North in Horsham, West Sussex. Each of these venues has been chosen for its accessibility, location and the high standard of facilities.