Emergency Services Hub opens in Cheshire

Photo: All rights reserved by CheshirePCC

Photo: All rights reserved by CheshirePCC

Poynton Fire Station has been transformed into a new emergency service’s hub. Firefighters based at the station will be joined by staff from Cheshire Constabulary and North West Ambulance Service in a bid to create a more efficient service.

Chief Fire Officer, Paul Hancock, said, “Shared sites such as this bring our people, equipment and expertise together and build stronger relationships that will benefit the surrounding communities and each of our three organisations.

“This facility sits at the heart of the town and is a true community asset – I hope that the people of Poynton will be reassured by the sight of our three logos placed side by side here for the years to come.”

The fire station has been situated on this site since 1968, serving the village of Poynton and surrounding areas. It was officially unveiled as an emergency response hub at a special ceremony that took place on 13 January.

Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, John Dwyer, said, “All of the emergency services are feeling the pinch from the Government cuts. So finding ways to work together is advantageous to everyone, economically and logistically. This template of the blue light services working together is the first in Cheshire and I hope it’s something that we’ll see more and more of across the county.”

Deputy Chair of Cheshire Fire Authority, Cllr Stef Nelson, added, “As an elected Member I regularly speak to local people who want to see public services and particuarly the emergency services, working more closely together.

“We’ve been able to achieve that here at Poynton and I am grateful to the police, ambulance service and Police and Crime Commissioner for their support and commitment in driving this project forward.

“Hopefully, we will continue to work closely together for the benefit of Cheshire’s communities and continue to develop coordinated approaches to community safety and wellbeing.”