Empowering a new approach to emergency response

Since Philips’ acquisition of RDT in June 2018, we’ve worked together to develop a modern approach to pre-hospital advanced monitoring. The Philips Tempus ALS system** with IntelliSpace Corsium allows you to share real-time* patient data, and supports clear documented decision making on the scene with support from the receiving hospital.

Other benefits include:

Modular system – Both the Tempus Pro monitor and the Tempus LS defibrillator can be used seperately to perform monitoring or therapy functions, or connect wirelessly when together to share data.

Lightweight – Our equipment is designed to be small and lightweight, to help reduce the potential risks associated with carrying bulky equipment to scene.

Collaboration between the scene and the receiving hospital – Tempus ALS** with IntelliSpace Corsium allows secure, real-time* data transmission from the scene to the receiving hospital, allowing a two-way consultation and enhanced decision-making.

Working in partnership with you – We’ll help you to get set-up with your equipment and offer on-going support to help maintain it.

Want to find out more?

Philips offers a range of proven monitoring and therapeutic products and solutions to help emergency medical services, hospitals and first responders accelerate the delivery of care at the scene. To find out more information on Philips Emergency Medical Services product solutions, visit our website.

* Depending on network availability there may be a 2-3 second delay between display of the data on the Tempus Pro and display of the same data on IntelliSpace Corsium.
** Tempus ALS is a modular system comprised of a Tempus Pro monitor and a Tempus LS defibrillator.