Exmoor 30:30: do you have what it takes?

Exmoor 3030Emergency services personnel are being encouraged to sign up for a tough and rugged endurance race covering 30 miles or 30km while carrying 30lbs on your back. The challenging Exmoor 30:30 moors race will take place on 14 September 2013.

Teams from far and wide are invited to see if they can cover the course in the fastest time, starting and finishing in Exford deep in Exmoor National Park. Exmoor 30:30 was the idea of Henry Gordon Clark and raises funds for the Royal British Legion. He explained, “This annual race is arduous but rewarding for all the participants. The rules are kept to a minimum but those who enter, whether they are civilians or military, must be capable of carrying moderate weight over difficult and changing terrain. Exmoor is unforgiving and over the entire course the teams climb more than 3000ft and negotiate open moorland, footpaths, fields and rivers.”

The competition is a team event divided into three classes: Open, Wounded or Insider. Within each class prizes will be awarded according to course (30 mile or 30km), gender (male, female, mixed) and age (junior, peak, senior).

The winners of the race will receive a much coveted Exmoor 30:30 trophy for their particular class and could also gain a pair of YDS military Boots for raising the most funds for The Royal British Legion. At the end of the gruelling day all participants are invited to the Exmoor 30:30 event dinner where the winning trophies are presented.

YDS Boots, who sponsor the event, recently won a contract to supply combat boots to over 100,000 personnel in all three services of the British Armed Forces and will be handing out goody bags at the end of the event to reward those who complete the course.

Anyone wishing to participate the 2013 event should visit www.exmoor3030.org.uk